Chase MacArthur Cauthen (b. Sep 6, 1996) goes by many aliases. His current stage names are Sybyr (pronounced "cyber") and Landstrike. He is formerly known as: Syringe, Landfill, Evil N***a, MacXVII, Ringe, SSyringe, Sy, Flax SoldierMac, King of Enigma, Shibur, CYBERSOLDIERMAC, syringesoldiermac, Black Voodoo, Lord Mackovich, Helly Is Hansen, LiL NEEDLE, Reagr, and ChaSebeetz, among others. His cult following calls him King of the Underground, referring to the hip-hop/rap scene. He is from Prince George's County, MD, US.

In 2012 he founded the group called Weird Melodicians, renamed in 2014 to WeirdCLVN, renamed again to Anti-World in 2017. The group is kinda disbanded even though many of its members still talk and collaborate. The full list of members was Sybyr/Landfill, Ghostie, Loboloki (rip), KiddBeatz, Leon'sWOLF, ERIC NORTH, Shark Breach, Win32, Devin Will, Owinillsin, ego mackey, $hy, Chris Vayle, Jimmy V, CXRPSE, Resin'sLastStand, Tan, Josh Maison, Checks, Lil Mai (rip), Julien Andreas, BABE, Hikiana, Riker, Dentxn, Kyle Slow, Miklo, and F1LTHY.

Sybyr started experimenting with music when he was 8 years old. His cousin, KiddBeatz, introduced him to music editing software. Sybyr said he gave up trying to get the hang of it, but he ultimately kept at it so he could get the melodies and the anger out of his head. Sybyr started releasing instrumental music under the name MacXVII in 2012 when he was 16. His first lyrical work released in 2014. At some point, his music became a raw emotional outlet as his mental health declined. At the time of writing, Sybyr's discography contains 79 albums and over 1000 songs across all projects. Roughly 90% of his beats are self-produced. Not every album or song is included here in this shrine.

Sybyr likes to challenge gender norms in his music and his fashion. He usually wears dark clothes, and oftentimes sports makeup, black lipstick, black nail polish, double buns, collars, and platform high heel boots. Sometimes these expressions were met with derision by underground rap fans when he entered notoriety, around 2016, when it wasn't acceptable yet.

Sybyr cites Maroon 5, Lex Luger, Juicy J, Future, LL Cool J, Evanescence, and country music as some of his musical influences.